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Biolase Waterlase MD

Biolase Waterlase MD

Transforming the dental experience for you and your patients... The Waterlase MD incorporates an extraordinary set of innovative new features, as well as many new features requested by laser owners from around the world.

The HydroBeam Illuminated Handpiece

Featuring the most advanced, state-of-the-art design ever introduced in laser dentistry, the Waterlase MD's handpiece is built using aerospace materials for extreme durability and complete comfort. The all-new HydroBeam handpiece is a 360° fully rotating instrument with exclusive contra-angle design and an ultra-low-mass head for maximum visibility in the surgical field. Plus, laser dentists can take advantage of an exclusive ultra-white, shadow-free LED illumination system.

  • Ultra-white, shadow-free illumination from the handpiece based on cutting-edge, bulb-free LED light technology - a first for dental lasers. This new feature significantly enhances visibility in the surgical field
  • Contra-angle, 360° rotatable handpiece for supreme comfort and easier access to all areas of the oral cavity
  • Ultra low-mass handpiece head design, greatly maximising visibility and access
  • ComfortJet air/water delivery system for maximum patient comfort, enhanced visibility for the clinician and improved clinical results.

The SensaTouch Laser Control System

The Waterlase MD features a dazzling, new high-resolution control system, using Windows CE with intelligent touch-screen navigation for complete on-the-fly control. Whether you need advice for choosing a tip for a procedure, or suggestions for power settings, the MD’s new LaserPal help system is at your service.

  • 10 to 50hz selectable pulse repetition rate for expanded versatility across all tissue types
  • Touch-screen control system features Windows CE
  • Unique, selectable pulse modes for hard and soft tissue, with enhanced coagulation capabilities 0.1 to 8.0 watts of power for precise, rapid tissue ablation
  • 16 optimised, factory-loaded pre-sets for new users and completely customisable for experienced laser dentists
  • On-the-fly LaserPal help system to enhance training and suggestions for proper tips and settings

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Waterlase MD