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CEREC Primescan AC

CEREC Primescan AC with CEREC software will provide efficient digital workflows for chairside single-visit dentistry, working seamlessly alongside the CEREC MC XL milling machine—saving you valuable time and money in milling your single tooth or full arch at a laboratory. Or if you aren't quite ready for chairside milling, you can always use the Primescan AC with Connect software, to transfer your digital impressions to the dental lab.

Both of the options for CEREC Primescan AC—CEREC software or Connect software come with a brand new acquisition centre, which is the workstation with a touchpad and a 16:9 wide-format movable touchscreen, offering you a highly intuitive and ergonomic work platform.

Here are the benefits at a glance:

  • Speed—more than 50,000 images per second and data transfer to laboratories instantly
  • Accuracy—with an innovative smart pixel sensor processing more than 1,000,000 3D points per second and up to 20mm measuring depth with perfect sharpness
  • Usability—enjoy the increased field of view to visualise larger areas with less sweeps and immediate precision
  • Connectivity—it is now faster than even to connect to labs with open data transfer options
  • Hygiene—choose from three different sleeves—stainless steel, sapphire glass or as an autoclavable option
  • The NEW acquisition centre—a slicker, more modern feel with touchscreen and touchpad for perfect ergonomics

Are you ready to future-proof your practice with an intraoral scanner which is more accurate, faster and easier to use?

CEREC Primescan AC

Dentsply Sirona inLab MC X5

The open, 5-axis, milling and grinding machine, inLab MC X5, is designed specifically to meet dental lab requirements for cost-efficient production.

Every aspect of inLab MC X5 has been designed to address the CADCAM needs encountered in dental labs. It can be used as a universal production unit for processing zirconium oxide, polymers, composites, wax and metals, as well as glass and hybrid ceramics. The innovative multi-block holder can accommodate up to six blocks of different materials, enabling maximum productivity even with multiple single-tooth applications.

inLab MC X5 can be used for wet or dry production, and also combination production during the same machining operation depending on material and indication. The high-quality interior design includes smooth surfaces and rounded contours that reduce deposit amounts, making the machine easy to clean.

The unit is open production and the perfect supplement to the inLab components, inEos X5 and inLab software. It can also be used to process other STL restoration data.

There is more than just outstanding functionality and simple operation; its compact, elegant shape and modern design will be a real eye-catcher in the lab and perfectly complements the award-winning inEos X5 extraoral scanner.

There is a complete view of the machining status available anytime, anywhere, with the "touch-optimised" inLab CAM software. Navigate through the machine configuration and service functions on a PC tablet with just a few clicks.

Dentsply Sirona inLab MC X5

Dentsply Sirona inEos X5

Sirona's inEos X5 allows scans for all indications, ensuring accuracy in all digitalisation work for dental technicians—from the palate to the tip of the scanbody.

inEos X5 combines simple operation with specific scanning strategies. It ensures flexible positioning of models and complete freedom of use.

Intelligent scanning technology with robotic arm, 5-axis scanning and large working area.

Outstanding accuracy and high depth of field.

Clear software interface and intuitive operation provide digital models in just a few clicks.

Dentsply Sirona inEos X5


CEREC, consisting of image acquisition electronics, an infrared camera, and milling unit, adapts to a wide variety of practice configurations. These tools combined with state of the art CEREC 3D software allow dentists to create perfect fitting, aesthetically pleasing, ceramic restorations in one office visit.

Features & Benefits
Wouldn’t it be great if you could provide patients with strong, lasting restorations without temporaries in just one appointment? Would you like to be in complete control of your restorations from preparation to placement? Would you like to reduce overhead costs, reduce cancelled appointments, and increase profits? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, then you may be ready for CEREC. With CEREC you have the opportunity to...

  • Provide patients with restorations that are:
    • Bio compatible
    • Highly aesthetic
    • Completed chair side in just one office visit
  • Save more healthy tooth structure through more conservative preparationse
  • Increase your profits
  • Have FUN with dentistry!

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After being on the market for just a few years, inLab has achieved universal appeal in the dental lab market sector while meeting dentists’ demands for strong, aesthetic all-ceramic CAD/CAM restorations and has quickly become the most widely used CAD/CAM system in dental laboratories.

The easy-to-use Sirona inLab system has the capability to produce strong and beautiful restorations, covering a wide range of indications from inlays, onlays and crowns, to multiple-unit bridge frameworks, making it the most complete CAD/CAM restorative system available. The unit is capable of scanning and milling a comprehensive array of materials, such as VITA YZ, IPS e.max, IPS Empress®CAD, IPS Empress®CAD, VITA TriLuxe, and CEREC Blocs.

Sirona inLab miraculously combines cutting-edge technology with precision craftsmanship. Convert your pressables to CAD/CAM, save labor time and streamline your production capabilities with Sirona inLab.

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