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About Surgery Design

About Surgery Design

One of the most important aspects of a successful new surgery installation is undoubtedly the planning. Our Equipment team will design a range of innovative layouts tailored to your tastes and practical requirements, or you can brief us with your own ideas. We will then prepare a detailed design with a CAD drawing system (Computer aided design) which will enable you to see your ideas come to life.

Surgery Upgrade: A Simple 10 Step Guide

  1. Contact your local Henry Schein consultant at your local office.
  2. Arrange initial consultation to discuss and identify your equipment and potential finance requirements.
  3. The Henry Schein team will produce drawings and then discuss and amend the design where necessary.
  4. Choose final colour and confirm order.
  5. The Henry Schein team will arrange a site meeting for the provision of services.
  6. Henry Schein will provide detailed schematic drawings for equipment supplied and can arrange contractors to organise all building work including services.
  7. Organise painting, decorating and floor covering if necessary.
  8. Henry Schein install cabinetry and equipment.
  9. Henry Schein team provide staff training to ensure correct use of new equipment.
  10. Start receiving patients.
  Surgery Design

Surgery Design